• Responsibility and Opportunity—the Technology Driving Force for Peaking of Carbon Emissions and Carbon Neutrality I. Scientific and technological needs and modes to achieve peaking. II. Ensuring top-level mechanisms and policies driven by science and technology. III. The transformation and upgrading of...
  • I. Changes to and Future Trends for China-US Relations during the Biden Administration II. How to view the current situation and prospects for China-EU relations, and enhance mutual understanding and practical cooperation
  • Future of Work I. Evolving from Workplace Digitalization to the Future of Work II. Changing the Way We Work Under the Global Pandemic and Climate Change III. Anticipating the Future of Work
  • How Vocational Education Enhances Adaptability I. Adapting to the Present and the Future II. Adapting to the Internal and External Cycle

Taihe Civilizations Forum

Beijing, China 5-11 September 2021

  • Zhu Yunhan Professor of Political Science at Taiwan University
  • Zhou Bo Senior Fellow at Center for International Security and Strategy at Tsinghua ...
  • Megan Zheng Designer, Stylist, Tech
  • Zheng Ruolin Senior Fellow of Taihe Institute, Senior Journalist of Wen Wei Po